Why Ukusiza

With the unprecedented explosion of consumer debt during the mid-2000s, the debt recovery industry has evolved and has become of immense importance to all suppliers of credit.

Central to a successful debt recovery strategy, stands the agent driving the collections process. Depending on various factors, debt collection strategies can vary from telephone calls to strong arm tactics and blatant threats.

Enter Ukusiza. Twenty years in the industry has taught us that a properly trained collections agent who is aware of his or her moral responsibilities, who is knowledgeable about the legal process and equipped to assist the indebted consumer with solutions that work for both parties, is not only important, it is vital.

The Ukusiza training program was born from a desperate need to develop this type of agent. The program includes basic legal training, collections techniques, negotiation skills and successful communication.

We therefore offer this program as an eLearning course that can be completed at the learner’s pace. Lesson plans are interactive and include videos, games, telestrations, animations and other fun activities.

For the employer, the cost of eLearning is minimal compared to traditional training. Learners’ progress can be tracked and assessments are readily available.

The outweighing benefit is that the agent, who successfully completes this program, is fully trained in all aspects of ethical debt collection, making the agent a valuable asset.

The Program covers:

basic legal training
collections techniques
negotiation skills
successful communication